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Dreaming of a white Christmas?

Stuart Dowsett

16 May 2022

With all the talk of modern golf clubs going too far or being too easy to hit (we think it’s still a pretty hard sport!), the development of golf clothing has gone somewhat under the radar. Fashions have changed, as they do, and golf clothing designers have kept up. However, it’s not just fashion that we’re talking about…

If you’re looking for a new winter jacket, you should be rushing to the pro shop. Golf jackets are as practical as they come: Keeping out the elements, staying comfortable for hours at a time and stretching with your movements. All this adds up to enjoying your festive walks (hopefully in the snow) more than ever.

Adidas do this better than anybody. The waterproof Rain.RDY jacket offers protection in all weather and comfortable performance for everything from a relaxing stroll to swinging your driver like Dustin Johnson.

On top of that, you also have the option of a jacket like the adidas Frostguard Padded jacket that focuses on keeping out the cold when the temperature drops. This is a particularly stylish design and is actually made using recycled materials as part of adidas’ End Plastic Waste effort.

Between these two adidas jackets, you have the perfect answer for cold, rain or even snow during the festive season!

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