In 2012, we opened a state of the art Performance Centre that allows us to provide a club fitting and coaching service with the aid of a Flightscope launch monitor and V1 software that is unparalleled in the locality. We stock all the major companies and you can try before you buy and find out exactly what works for you. At the Performance Centre you can watch the ball fly down the range, there is no hitting into a net or simulator here. Once you have had the benefit of our expertise and you walk away with a set of golf clubs which suits you, your golf will improve.

I strongly believe we offer the best coaching service in the area. What will you get when you book a lesson at Sundridge Park? You get a coach who will be able to impart the knowledge gained from continuing study and work with one of the best coaches in the game Dr Jim Suttie, having studied in the past with many eminent coaches including David Leadbetter, Chuck Cook, Dr Rick Jensen, Beverly Lewis, and Martin Hall. I know if you make a commitment to practice just a little, I can really help you regardless of age, ability and body shape.

What is my teaching philosophy? It was the German philosopher Nietzsche who once said 'there is your way, there is my way, but there is no the way'. That sums up nicely my thoughts on the golf swing. I have found that as time has gone on, the customer has become more discerning. They realise that golf swings cannot be the same, Craig Stadler must have different fundamentals to those of Davis Love III, nature has taken care of that and is the sole reason why the golf swing has to be customised to fit the person.


Lesson Structure

A one hour session with one of our professional coaches will cost £65

Please enquire in the Pro Shop for more information on how we can improve your game, or call us on 020 8460 5540.